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Chery Automobile is incorporated on the 8th January 1997 with a paid-up capital of RMB3.68 billion. The first Chery rolled off the production line on the 18th December 1999. On the 26th of March, 2010 the 2 millionth Chery rolled off the production line and this heralds Chery’s transition into an international brand. Chery automobile currently has a production capacity of 900,000 units of cars and engines and 400,000 units of transmission assembly. Chery automobiles are in 80 countries and there are 15 overseas manufacturing hubs all over the world.

Chery’s products include passenger cars, commercial vehicles and micro cars. There are 16 product lines in the market with many new car launches planned and all these products are designed and manufactured with the core value of being “safe, fuel efficiency and environmentally friendly”. This pursue of quality allows  Chery to achieve the ISO9001, ISO/TS16949 quality management certificates.  With a “zero defect” approach, Chery managed to sell 500,000 units of vehicles in 2009, an improvement of 40% over the previous year.

“Innovation” is one of the core themes of Chery’s strategic direction, and this accounts for the exceptional high growth rate the company is able to achieve. From the onset, Chery has worked hard to be a company that is driven by innovation and technological breakthrough.  Currently, Chery works closely with leading suppliers, distinguished universities and renowned research institutes in all areas involving automotive manufacturing and R&D. Chery’s R&D capability includes a 6,000 team which has acquired core technologies in automobile and component development. Up till June 2010, Chery has successfully filed for the patent right of 3051 innovations. In 2008 Chery was awarded the inaugural “Innovation Enterprise” and “Outstanding Automotive Green technology Platform” awards.

Chery is also working to constantly improve “Branding, Quality and Service” to enhance the brand and enterprise image. In 2006, Chery was named a “Leading Brand in China” and was ranked in the 62nd position among the “500 Most Valuable Brand”; in 2007, Chery was named the “Top 20 Internationally Most Competitive Chinese Enterprise” and the “Top 100 Most Competitive Enterprise in the Developing Countries”; in 2009, for the 4th time, Chery was named the “Most Applaudable Chinese enterprise” in Fortune magazine. In 2009, in J.D.Power’s SM(IQS) report Chery QQ3 and QQ6 are ranked top in their respective categories and this is the first time a Chinese automotive company is award the top rank in the 10 years that this report is published. In October 2010, Chery Fulwin II and QQ are ranked the No. 1 “Most Satisfied Customers” in their respective categories published by the China Association for Quality Committee in a survey with automotive users.

Notable milestone:

1999: The first Chery car rolls off the production line.
2000: Passes 40 national safety tests, including frontal impact test.
2001: The first batch of Chery cars are exported to Syria.
2002: Chery Automobile becomes the first in China to successfully pass the side impact test at the China National Automobile Test Center in Tianjin, China.
Chery company becomes the first Chinese automaker to receive the ISO/TS 16949 certification by TUV Rheinland, Germany.
2003: The 100,000th Chery car and Chery engine rolls off the assembly line.
2004: Chery expands its sales to more than 24 countries all over the world.
2005: Chery QQ3 model ranks No 1 on Initial Quality Study of compact car in China, which issued by J.D.Power, 2004.
2006: The first batch of 2,100 units Chery engines is exported to the USA.
Chery is launced in SINGAPORE.
Chery cars export ranks No 1 among all Chinese auto brands.
2007: Chery's 1,000,000th car rolls out. The milestone car is a Chery J3 and Chery is the first Chinese car brand to reach this figure.
2009: Chery celebrates 3 successful years in Singapore and moves to its own building.
2010: Chery signs football megastar Lionel Messi to promote its branding in its home market.
Chery opens Asia's Largest automobile test centre.
2012: Chery ranks among "China's Top 10 Innovative Enterprise".
Chery Fulwin honored as “Best Chinese Auto Model” in Chile
Chairman and President of Chery and Dr. Ralf Speth, CEO of JLR jointly announced the JV name-“Chery JLR Automobile Co. Ltd"
2013: "Design in China" recognized in Europe,Chery TX concept car wins award at Geneva Motor Show
2014: The Changshu Plant of Chery Jaguar Land Rover Automotive Co., Ltd. (CJLR) with a joint investment from Chery and Jaguar Land Rover was inaugurated.
2014: Chery Fulwin2 is ranked 2nd in the J.D Power Asia Pacific 2014 China Initial Quality Study.